Contract name: Toxicity Testing Services

  • Reference number
  • Class
  • Private sector contractor's name and address
    Ecotox Services Australasia Pty.Ltd

    Unit 27, 2 Chaplin Drive Lane Cove NSW 2066

  • Related companies responsible for performing contractual obligations
    There is no related body corporate involved.
  • Contract award date
    01 Jul 2012
  • Contract duration
    208 weeks
  • Project, goods or services to be provided under the contract
    Provision of Toxicity testing
  • Estimated amount payable to the contractor
    $1,100,000.00 GST inclusive
  • Allowable variations to estimated payment amount
    The contract contains provisions which allow Sydney Water to order and pay for variations.

    There is provision for cost adjustments in the contract based on indices published by ABS or other government bodies.

  • Renegotiation provisions
    There are provisions to extend the contract at the sole discretion of Sydney Water
  • Method of tendering and criteria for assessment (if relevant)
    Diect negotiation

    No criteria required

  • Provisions for contractor payments for operational or maintenance services
    There are no provisions to provide operational or maintenance activities.
  • Future transfer of significant assets to and from Sydney Water
    Not applicable
  • Results of cost-benefit analysis
    Not applicable
  • Was a public sector comparator used?
    Not applicable
  • Summary of contractor's full base case financial model
    Not applicable
  • How risk will be apportioned, if relevant
    Not applicable
  • Significant guarantees or undertakings between the parties
    Not applicable
  • Other key elements of the contract
    Not applicable