Contract name: Pre-Employment Security Check Services

  • Reference number
  • Class
  • Private sector contractor's name and address
    People Check Pty.Ltd.

    PO Box 40, Boolaroo, NSW 2284, Australia

  • Related companies responsible for performing contractual obligations
    There is no related body corporate involved
  • Contract award date
    11 Jul 2011
  • Contract duration
    260 weeks
  • Project, goods or services to be provided under the contract
    Pre-Employment Security Check Services
  • Estimated amount payable to the contractor
    $550,000.00 (GST Inclusive)
  • Allowable variations to estimated payment amount
    The contract does not contain provisions to vary the contract

    There are no provisions for cost adjustment

  • Renegotiation provisions
    There are provisions to extend the contract at the sole discretion of Sydney Water
  • Method of tendering and criteria for assessment (if relevant)

    3 years experience insimilar work

    Key personnel have 3 years experience

    Practices and procedures Cost - 30%

    Past Performance - 20%

    Resources - 25%

    Understanding scope and methodology - 25%

  • Provisions for contractor payments for operational or maintenance services
    There are no provisions to provide operational or maintenance activities
  • Future transfer of significant assets to and from Sydney Water
    Not applicable
  • Results of cost-benefit analysis
    Not applicable
  • Was a public sector comparator used?
    Not applicable
  • Summary of contractor's full base case financial model
    Not applicable
  • How risk will be apportioned, if relevant
    Not applicable
  • Significant guarantees or undertakings between the parties
    Not applicable
  • Other key elements of the contract
    Not applicable