Annual Report

Our Annual Report 2016–17 covers our financial, social and environmental performance, as well as statutory information, our financial statements and other regulatory information.

Our highlights

  • In October 2016, we announced a $2.2 billion investment to build new infrastructure and upgrade existing assets, with Western Sydney as a key focus.
  • We're keeping prices low for customers, while continuing to invest in our city’s growth. New prices (introduced in July 2016) save a typical household $100 a year. We are proud to have moved from one of the highest water industry bills four years ago, to now the lowest water and wastewater bill of any major Australian utility.
  • Our new eBill service is delivering benefits for customers and value for the organisation. More than 100,000 customers have registered since the service launched in August 2016. We’re also saving $270,000 in postage and printing costs.
  • Over 90% of staff voted for the new Enterprise Agreement in June 2017, which was achieved through a respectful, collaborative approach between the organisation, staff members and the unions.
  • We met our Operating Licence service quality and system performance targets.
  • Our profit after tax was $447 million, which was $107 million above the Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI) target of $340 million.
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