What we do

Our vision

Our vision is to provide valued water, wastewater and stormwater solutions to our customers. It’s our mission to be world class, delivering essential services that our customers love, in our great city.

To achieve this, we’re focusing on three objectives that make up our corporate strategy:

Customer at the heart

We provide high quality water and wastewater services to more than 4.9 million people every day. We want to make sure customers are delighted by their experiences with us at every touchpoint. We’re changing the way we do things to ensure the voice of customers is what drives our business. 

World class performance

We want to deliver more and better services for customers. To do this, we’re investing in the right tools and using innovative solutions. We’ll keep reviewing our processes and how we work together to provide the best services to our customers.

High performance culture

We’re changing the way we do things. Our staff bring a diverse range of thought, experience and knowledge to Sydney Water, and more than ever they’re on board and connected to bringing our strategy to life.

Read our Annual Report to find out more.

Our services

We supply water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to almost five million people in Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

Our Operating Licence sets out standards and requirements we must meet as a water utility. The licence also includes our Customer Contract.

Every day, we supply about 1.4 billion litres of water to our customers.

We source water from a network of dams managed by WaterNSW.

Most of our water supply comes from Warragamba Dam.

When dam levels fall below 70%, we can also source water from Sydney Desalination Plant.

Dam water is treated at one of nine water filtration plants. We then supply it to you through a network of:

  • over 21,700 kilometres of water pipes
  • 243 reservoirs
  • 150 water pumping stations.
Water recycling reduces demand on water supplies. This leaves more water in our dams for drinking. It also reduces the amount of wastewater we need to treat.

Each day, we recycle about 113 million litres of water. We take wastewater that has been used in homes and businesses, and put it through a multi-step treatment process to remove impurities so it can be safely used again for its intended use. It's a valuable resource that can be used:
  • in homes and businesses for watering gardens and flushing toilets
  • in industry
  • to irrigate parks, farms and playing fields
  • for river health.
Find out more about our recycled water network.

We collect and treat about 1.5 billion litres of wastewater each day. This is through a network of:

  • over 25,000 kilometres of wastewater pipes
  • 677 pumping stations
  • 14 water recycling plants
  • 16 wastewater treatment plants.

After collecting and treating wastewater, we re-use it or release it into rivers or the ocean.

Inland plants treat wastewater to a high level so it can be released into rivers.

Three of our treatment plants are wet weather plants - Fairfield, Bellambi and Port Kembla. We only use these plants during major storms.

The biosolids we produce and capture in the treatment process are used in agriculture, composting or land rehabilitation.

Find out more about our wastewater network.

Stormwater is rainwater that runs from roofs, roads and parks into stormwater drains. It then runs into creeks, the harbour and the ocean.

We provide stormwater services to about 592,000 properties through 448 kilometres of stormwater channels and pipes. These are mainly in south and south-west Sydney.

We also manage flood-prone areas and trunk drainage at Rouse Hill.

In other parts of Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra, we work with local councils and agencies to manage the stormwater system.