Who are we?

Our vision and mission

We are Australia’s largest water utility, providing drinking water, wastewater services, recycled water and some stormwater services to over 4.6 million people in Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

We are a statutory state owned corporation, constituted under the State Owned Corporations Act 1989, and operate under the Sydney Water Act 1994.

We realise we must focus on ensuring value in the short term, yet continue to have our eye on the future. This means we must have solutions to deal with the issues that face our customers.

During 2011–12, we developed a new vision and mission. Our vision is to provide valued water solutions. We will do this through our mission to put customers front of mind and contribute to liveable cities.

We have set ourselves a very challenging goal that by 2016 we will continue to improve customer satisfaction and work towards keeping price increases below inflation.

While this is an ambitious goal, we have three strategic priorities to help us achieve it:

  • customer focus

  • business excellence

  • forward thinking.

We are working to give customers products and services that they value and to better understand their needs so we can build these into our decisions and provide value for money.

We will achieve excellence in how we do business by consistently improving our operations and processes.

We are also planning for the future. Better decision-making and investment will help us be more resilient and address critical future challenges such as climate change, population growth and economic uncertainty.

We will also continue to meet our objectives of protecting public health and the environment and being a successful business while putting safety first.

Figure 1 – Our corporate strategic direction 2012–16

Image of Figure 1 - Corporate strategic direction 2012-16