Appendix 24: NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA) 2009

We received 46 valid GIPA applications during the 2011–12 financial year. Of these applications:

  • 32 were granted in full

  • 12 were granted in part because there were overriding public interest concerns against disclosing some information (as listed in table, section 14 of the GIPA Act)

  • two were refused. One because the information was already available and the other because we did not have the information requested.

Sydney Water proactively makes information publicly available on its website, which is one of the requirements of the GIPA Act. This process is reviewed each year and includes:

  • identifying categories of information often asked for

  • identifying initiatives, developments or projects that we want the public to know about

  • identifying information we produced since the last review

  • identifying what information we hold that is not already released proactively, but would be in the public interest to disclose

  • looking at the type of information proactively released by other organisations.

During 2011–12, we added a range of information to our website including:

  • customer policies

– Connecting to Sydney Water systems

– Community and stakeholder engagement

– Payment assistance

– Rebates, redress and compensation for service failures

  • reports

– Rainwater tank monitoring report: A 12 month study of rainwater tank water savings and energy use

  • details of contracts worth more than $150,000 between agencies and private sector bodies.

This information is available at www.sydneywater.com.au/CustomerServices/GIPA.

Table 77 – Number of applications by type of applicant and outcome

Image of Table 77 – Number of applications by type of applicant and outcome

More than one decision can be made in respect of a particular access application. If so, a recording must be made in relation to each such decision. This also applies to Table 78.