Appendix 16: Executive officers commentary

Table 67 – Number of executive officers 2011–12

Image of Table 67 – Number of executive officers 2011–12

Table 68 – Number of female senior executive service equivalent officers 2007–08 to 2011–12

Image of Table 68 – Number of female senior executive service equivalent officers 2007–08 to 2011–12

Appendix 17: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Achievements and activities in the general Equity Employment Opportunity Program 2011–12 are below.

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour training

  • Continued to conduct Appropriate Workplace Behaviour training as part of the corporate induction for all new staff joining Sydney Water and refresher training for areas of concern as required.

Work/life balance

  • Continued to promote the availability of work/life balance tools such as the elder care and child care information kits.

Women EEO group

  • Implemented the Women in Leadership Corporate Talent Program. This program drives the organisation’s key performance indicator to increase the number of women in more complex roles (23.6% as at 30 June 2012, source BI). Twenty three per cent of participants were promoted following the program’s launch (between 15 March 2011 and 30 June 2011.) The program also generated six acting development opportunities and sponsored two participants to attend the Women, Management and Work Conference.

  • Reviewed the Women@Work Program and refocused its operation as a networking body.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander EEO group

  • Celebrated National Aboriginal Indigenous Day Observation Committee (NAIDOC) Week at Sydney Water’s Potts Hill office.

  • Held activities such as an Aboriginal art competition for children of Sydney Water staff and trivia nights to raise Indigenous cultural awareness.

  • Offered one walking tour on Aboriginal heritage around the Parramatta area.

  • Signed up to the Western Sydney Aboriginal Job Compact.

  • Implemented the Indigenous Employment Strategy where the main employment focus was through entry-level programs. We continue to work with the Australian Employment Covenant, Indigenous communities and job networks to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We recruited two trainees and one graduate during the financial year.

  • An Aboriginal Culture Awareness session was held for the Executive Team and placement supervisors.

First language other than English EEO group

  • Continued to make use of the Community Language Allowance Scheme (CLAS) to support and recognise staff who use their expertise in a community language to improve customer service.