Appendix 14: Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy statement (WRAPP)

This statement outlines how we implemented the NSW Government’s Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy (WRAPP), in line with Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Regulation 2010. This statement includes information on measures taken and progress on:

1. reducing the generation of waste

2. resource recovery

3. the use of recycled material.

1. Reducing the generation of waste (waste avoidance and minimisation)

Reducing construction waste

We continue to reduce the amount of waste we generate by using innovative measures to reduce the need for digging in the ground. Our contractors repair pipe lining to reduce the need to dig and remove pipes, increasing their service life.

The SewerFix Wetweather Alliance reduces waste by using construction methods that require no digging. This avoids moving about 1,500 tonnes of material.

Minimising office waste

Our office printers are set up with double sided printing as the default setting. Every page on our intranet and website has a printer-friendly option to reduce paper use when information is printed.

2. Resource recovery (waste reuse and recycling)

Construction and maintenance projects

We continued to effectively recycle and reuse materials from construction and maintenance projects in 2011–12. We recycled and reused 99% of materials used in the Warriewood Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade and 98% of resources used in the Priority Sewerage Program.

Recycling office waste

We significantly increased our recycling of office waste over the past 12 months. We achieved this by collecting more general waste, paper and cardboard from our facilities, excluding Parramatta and Potts Hill.

3. The use of recycled material (buying of recycled-content materials)


We require suppliers of recycled materials to complete an environmental assessment if our contract with them is worth over $500,000. This encourages suppliers involved in the tender process to deliver environmentally beneficial products. We are currently developing a framework for sustainable procurement.

Our capital works program continues to use large amounts of recycled materials. We bought over 10,000 tonnes of recycled landscaping materials as part of the SewerFix program.