Appendix 2: Community investment

Our Community Investment Program covers community sponsorships and industry conferences, donations and in-kind support. It aims to strengthen relationships with the community and key stakeholders.

In 2011–12, we gave more than $825,000 to over 40 organisations as part of our Community Investment Program.

We continued our long-term community partnerships with Taronga Zoo, Sculpture by the Sea and the Powerhouse Museum. We also relaunched our association with key environmental partner Keep Australia Beautiful NSW, to present both the Clean Beaches and Sustainable Cities programs. These programs recognise community groups, councils, individuals, businesses and schools for delivering and contributing to outstanding environmental initiatives.

We donated more than $200,000 in 2011–12 to 26 staff-nominated charities by meeting workplace safety targets as part of our Giving Through Safety Program. We also donated $120,000 to programs helping people in financial hardship, focusing on general hardship and mental health.

Table 56 – Funds granted to non-government organisations in 2011–12*

Image of Table 56 – Funds granted to non-government organisations in 2011–12*

*All sponsorship commitments are tied to commercial in-confidence contracts.

Appendix 3: Research and development


We invested $8.1 million on 62 research and development projects in 2011–12. Of this, we invested $437,160 in key national and international research alliances. We also committed $88,700 through arrangements with our Build-Own-Operate (BOO) water filtration plant partners.

The key drivers of the research program are to:

  • maintain safe, high quality drinking water

  • improve our understanding of our assets and our ability to predict their long-term performance

  • better understand and respond to challenges of climate variability and long-term climate change

  • investigate improved energy efficiency

  • improve environmental performance

  • better understand water supply and demand balance issues

  • successfully implement water recycling schemes.