How do we measure performance?

Our principal objectives under the Sydney Water Act 1994 are to be a successful business, to protect the environment and to protect public health. We consider and integrate the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business to provide valued water solutions. We apply these aspects to business processes that guide our planning and operations, project assessment, workforce development and management, and capital investment decision-making.

A graph of our Performance model

Each year we communicate our social, economic and environmental performance to our customers and stakeholders through our Balanced Sustainability Scorecard. The scorecard reflects our corporate strategic themes – customer focus, business excellence and forward thinking.

Our Scorecard and Annual Report are aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, which represent world’s best practice in sustainability reporting. The scorecard succinctly conveys the concept of a social licence to operate, responding to over half of our customers who expect us to deliver sustainable initiatives and community orientated benefits. We report on indicators across the three key sustainability areas: environment, economic and social. The indicators also align with our corporate strategic themes. The indicators are grouped into ‘performance areas’ (eg ‘Water reuse and recycling’) to communicate our performance to our customers and stakeholders in simple terms.

The indicators come from two sources – our Operating Licence and voluntary indicators developed by the business through internal consultation. Trends in key indicators over time show our customers (and regulators) how we have met and continue to meet their expectations that we deliver cost-effective water services while protecting public health and the environment.