What have our highlights been?

Focusing on our customers

Image of Sydney Water field technician talking to a customer

Customers rated their drinking water 8.4 out of 10.

  • Customers view the overall quality of our service positively, rating us 7.5 out of 10.

  • Customers rated the quality of the water that comes out of their taps 8.4 out of 10. We have continued to improve this rating since 2008.

  • Customers use an average of 297 litres of water a person a day. This is an excellent result and is less than our Operating Licence target of 329 litres a person a day.

  • We launched our tap™ campaign to promote the benefits of tap water.

  • We enhanced our range of assistance options and payment arrangements to help customers in financial hardship.

  • We re-established the Community Consultation Committee for North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant to improve communications with the local community.

Striving for business excellence

Image of Sydney Water staff at work in the field

We renewed or rehabilitated 63 km of water pipes and 48 km of wastewater pipes and spent less money than budgeted.

  • IPART commended us for our excellence in water quality during 2010–11, and we received a high compliance rating for our drinking water for that period. (The report for this financial year will be released around December.)

  • We spent $659 million on capital works projects which allow us to renew and upgrade our existing assets, deliver Government programs and support urban growth.

  • We renewed or rehabilitated 63 km of water pipes and 48 km of wastewater pipes. This was more kilometres than planned, but we spent less money than budgeted.

  • We reviewed our structure, and identified improvements and efficiencies. Our new structure will help us achieve our vision, and address customer needs and challenges facing the water industry.

  • We refinanced Sydney Desalination Plant Pty Limited (SDP) to maximise the proceeds for the Government and create additional capacity for investment in other priorities.

  • We worked with councils and other agencies to manage Sydney’s stormwater. This included delivering a $3.1 million project with Randwick City Council to divert stormwater from Malabar Beach.

  • We implemented our Women in Leadership Corporate Talent Program to increase the number of women in more complex roles. Twenty-three per cent of participants were promoted following the launch of the program.