How much water can the plant produce?
An average of 250 million litres every day.
Is desalinated water safe to drink?
Yes, water from the plant, like dam water, is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines - making it among the best in the world.
What does desalinated water taste like?
The water is treated to taste the same as Sydney's other drinking water sources.
Who gets water from Sydney's Desalination Plant?
Up to 1.5 million people in Sydney as part or all of their water supply.
What sort of water quality monitoring currently takes place?
Extensive monitoring ensures the plant meets the water quality requirements as set by NSW Health.
Does the plant use renewable energy?
Yes, the plant's power needs are fully offset by 100 per cent renewable energy.
Do fish, dolphins and other marine life get stuck in the inlet pipe?
No, the inlet pipe is 3.4 metres in diameter with bars on the intake structures to prevent marine life from entering. Smaller marine life can easily swim in and around the intake without getting caught as water enters the intake at a flow lower than existing currents.
What is the environmental impact of the brine (or salty water) being returned to the ocean?
The ocean returns to normal salt and temperature levels within 50 to 75 m of the outlets. Marine monitoring has shown it does not impact on fish or marine life outside this zone.
What if it rains?
After a two-year proving period, the plant will supply water at full capacity when dam levels drop to 70% and will continue to operate at full capacity until dam levels reach 80%.